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Management Committee

General Manager, Engineering / Operation Manager
Ir. Rusli Abu Bakar

Ir Rusli Abu Bakar has over four (4) years as General Manager of Engineering who responsible for the overall Engineering Organisation, provide direction and control of all engineering related functions. Key accountability is to ensure the engineering projects meet the contractual requirements and completed by agrred project schedules.

He also has over seventeen (17) years of experience in structural engineering and general coordination in oil and gas industry.  He has been the Lead Structural Engineer for several projects, i.e. Angsi Phase IV Development Project, Bergading Development Project, Small Field Development Project (PCSB), Irong Barat A Compression and Re-development Project (EMEPMI).  In highlighting a few, he also was the Project Engineer for Guntong D Flareboom Structural Assessment, Guntong Infill Development Project and Structural Configuration Study for Marginal Fields for EMEPMI.

Two (2) years as a Surface Facilities and Design Engineer at Exxonmobil Production Malaysia Inc. (EMEPMI), from 1989 to 1991, which responsible for the overall technical support of surface facilities for all offshore and onshore production locations, including the surveillance of minor project design coordination of surface facilities covering oil and gas process, utility and life supports system.

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