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Process Department

  • HYSYS for process simulation
  • Pipesim with olga correlations for hydraulic study
  • Fred program for radiation and dispersion studies
  • Flarenet for flare hydraulic studies
  • Latest API codes and standards
  • Latest DEP/ PTS from shell/ petronas codes and standards
  • Latest process design instruction manual from exxon mobil (DIM 3)
  • Drawing database from past projects
  • In-house calculation spreadsheets
  • API line sizing for single phase and multiphase flow
  • Pump sizing and NPSHA calculations
  • Separator and scrubber sizing
  • Pressure relief valve sizing
  • Restriction orifice sizing
  • Blowdown calculations using grote’s method
  • Settle-out calculations
Major Project Achievements
  • B11
    Client: SHELL
    Conceptual and detailed design of facilities handling 600 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd condensate and 10 kbd produced water
  • Guntong E
    Client: EMEPMI
    Detailed design of facilities handling 540 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd crude and condensate and 15 kbd produced water
  • Helang
    Client: Nippon Oil
    Conceptual and detailed design of new facilites handling 300 mmscfd gas, 20 kbd condensate and 1 kbd produced water
  • Kinarut
    Client: pcsb
    Detailed design of new facilites and modification to existing facilities for increased in gas handling of 150 mmscfd
  • Misc FPSO
    Client: pcsb
    Conceptual and detailed engineering management for FPSO handling 60 mmscfd gas, 30 kbd oil and 20 kbd produced water
  • Irong Barat A Expansion
    Sabah Zero Flaring (study to eliminate long term gas flaring in all Sabah shell facilities) Numerous drilling platforms